How To Spot Fake Egyptian Cotton Sheets

When you’re shopping for real Egyptian cotton sheets, you may be surprised how difficult it is to tell the real thing from the fakes out there. It can be pretty easy to tell the difference between the two, though, if you just know a few simple tricks.

If It’s Too Good To Be True, It Is

Egyptian cotton sheets just aren’t going to exist online for less than $80 for a set. Some sets even go for over $300! If you’re looking at a set of sheets that your grandma would call “a great deal”, steer clear. They’re probably fakes. The best Egyptian cotton sheets of 2017 are definitely not going to be less than $50 a set!

Watch For Quality Customer Service

The company that makes them should have an amazing customer service department that’s more than willing to answer any questions that you have about their products.


A great set of high thread count Egyptian cotton sheets should weigh a hefty amount. They’re not a lightweight item; some quality sets can weigh upwards of 10lbs, so find out how much they weigh before purchasing.

Check The Tags

A fake set of Egyptian cotton sheets probably doesn’t have a fake tag on it; real Egyptian cotton sheets will state that they are 100% Egyptian cotton sheets on the tag because the company faking the branding of the sheets probably didn’t take the time to fake the tags on them to say anything other than maybe “100% cotton”.


A Temporary Dog Fence That Can Be Permanent

both temporary and permanent solution for backyard petsOwning a dog is one of the most rewarding experiences that an animal lover can have. It gives you a wonderful four legged companion that, if you take care of them properly, will love you unconditionally. However, it is highly important to know that one of the most important aspects of taking care of that animal is ensuring that they do not run away. Year after year thousands of pet owners lose their pets due to not using proper enclosures. You need to get the right dog fence for the job.

If you want to be sure that your dog stays in the back yard or whatever designated area you have for them then one of the best possible solutions comes from a company called Pet Playgrounds. They manufacture one of the best dog fences on the market because it is designed to be almost entirely escape proof for your dog. It is designed to deter them from climbing over it, jumping over it, or digging their way out from it.

The way it does this is by being a total enclosure. This is why it is the highest rated for your pets. It utilizes a wire mesh for its construction that features a fine pattern. The reason why the pattern is so important is because it discourages the dog from being able to climb. This is because the pattern is too small for the dog to be able to comfortably put their feet on when they try to climb. The mesh gets caught between their toes which is highly uncomfortable for them.

The other thing that prevents the dog from climbing this fence is the fact that it cannot support their weight as they try to climb. The mesh wiring buckles under their weight without the fence being damaged in any way. This means that your dog is unable to gain any measure of sure footing while climbing so they will likely fall off of the fence (as safely as possible, of course).

The mesh pattern also means that your dog cannot dig up the perimeter. This is because the mesh is staked into the ground on the inside. Your dog would have to be able to break the mesh while digging in order to dig while inside the enclosure. The mesh is so uncomfortable for your dog’s paws, however, that the likelihood of them having the patience to finish digging is very low to the point of being miniscule.

One of the more interesting things about the Pet Playgrounds enclosure is that it is meant to be a temporary measure while you are building a more suitable fence for your dog but the truth is that the Pet Playground enclosure just might be all that you need. It is perfectly durable, well designed, and practically perfect at preventing your dog from escaping. Best of all is that it can be configured for virtually any yard. This is a fantastic fence that your dog will feel free in.

Storm Water Damage Is A Big Deal

Florida Water Damage ExpertIf you live in the state of Florida, you may have had to evacuate your home at some point to get away from an impending hurricane or tropical storm. You were also likely eager to get back to your home so you could assess the damage, if any had indeed occurred.

But, attempting to re-enter your home or business too soon after a storm is over can lead to serious injury or even death. There are safety procedures that you need to adhere to before you go back inside; you should probably not even go back to your neighborhood if there is still water covering the roads to and from it, because if it starts raining again, you may become trapped there quickly.

One of the most dangerous things that you need to be aware of when you’re thinking of returning to an area that was flooded is downed power lines. These are extremely dangerous no matter where they are, but if they’re lying across the road or in your yard, you can be electrocuted before you can blink. You need to be very aware of your surroundings when re-entering a disaster area, because not even trained electricians can visually tell the difference between a live wire and one that isn’t. Don’t take any chances here.

If a power line is down in your yard or near your home, you need to call the power company immediately so they can come and deal with it. Don’t go near it and if it’s in your yard, do not attempt to re-enter your home, because the yard is still soaked with water.

Once you’re back in your home safely, don’t attempt to use sources of heat to dry your home out, such as fireplaces, space heaters, etc. Open the windows, doors, and cabinets to try and let these things dry themselves out naturally.

Anything inside your home that got wet needs to go outside to dry. If you don’t do this and leave wet items in the house, no matter what it is, you’re creating humidity and mold issues.

Your roof is another issue to deal with; if there is damage to it, then you should not wait in calling a roofing contractor to come and give you an estimate on how much it will cost to fix it. Get the process started as soon as possible, simply because if you live in Florida, rain can come at any time without much warning. It’s just the nature of living there.

Simple Ways to Prevent Water Damage In Orlando

Damage Control 911 - Orlando Mold Remediation ExpertsFinding mold growth in your house does not always require the help of a professional, since not all mold is hidden in nooks and crannies or behind the wall. The easiest places to find mold growth are typically in the bathroom, laundry room, kitchen, and basement. These are usually the places that show the signs of negligence the most and mold growing in these rooms is usually fairly easy to spot.

In a bathroom, the usual place to find mold growth is around the upper walls and ceiling if it does not have an exhaust vent or a window in it. Even though building codes in most places now require that there be either an exhaust vent or a window in the bathroom, older homes may not have either one.

It is in your best interest to make sure that your bathroom is renovated to include one of these two features, although if your bathroom is located in the center of your house and not attached to an outer wall, you will have to install a vent to get rid of the excess moisture.

What happens is that the moisture is soaked up by the ceiling or the upper walls and allows mold to grow on it and eventually, the ceiling will absorb so much water that it will be in danger of collapsing. The need for an exhaust vent also extends to the kitchen, since steam comes off the stove from cooking dinner.

Another problem to worry about in bathrooms or kitchens is whether or not the floor is waterproofed. No matter what kind of flooring that you have in either room it should be completely water tight so water does not get underneath it and to the floor joists. Floors have completely collapsed in these rooms due to this when waterproofing the floor would have been much cheaper than repairing the damage done by neglecting to do this.

Overflowing toilets, bathtubs, and kitchen sinks also cause mold growth and water damage (Orlando is especially a bad location for this to happen, because it’s so humid!) to a home if it is allowed to happen very often, so making sure that this does not happen and that the floor around it is waterproofed is extremely important.

You should do your best not to get preoccupied with other chores or talking on the phone while you are running a tub of bathwater or filling up the kitchen sink.

Any small leaks under the kitchen or bathroom sink also need to be taken care of fairly quickly. Put a bucket underneath it for a temporary fix if you have to, but do not let the drip continue to come into contact with the inside of your cabinet.

Miami Water Damage Hurricane Water Sanitation

Hurricanes and typhoons occur in different parts of the world, but the effect of both is typically the same. Flooding, high winds, extremely heavy rain, and often casualties occur during both of these kinds of storms, even though one type occurs in the Atlantic and the other occurs in the Pacific. They are similar in not only this way, but also in the way that you need to prepare for them.

Both of these storms can do serious damage to your local water supply and contaminate it with leaves, sticks, other debris, sewage, and sea water. This means that your local water supply is not safe to drink until your local government says that it is safe to do so after the storm is over. You should never drink the water out of your faucet while the storm is still going on outside and if possible, you should always evacuate your area if you are worried that your home could be flooded by the storm or the collapsing of surrounding dams or levees. The catastrophe of Hurricane Katrina in 2005 showed what can happen when levees break, so if you live in a similar area and a hurricane comes to town, take whatever you can carry and get out. Your property is also subject to water damage. Miami, FL is one of the worst areas for hurricane damage like this, so please be prepared especially if you live there!

If you are not worried about your home flooding during this storm, then you will still need to save up as much water as you can to ride out the storm in your home. As mentioned earlier, drinking your tap water after the storm begins is not an option. You can boil it if you need to, but the bad thing about this is that boiling does not remove any chemicals from the water that it may have been contaminated with. You can purchase bottled water before the storm gets to your house or you can go the cheap way and save tap water in rinsed milk jugs. This is the easiest and cheapest way to do it.

Consider just how much water you are going to need. This amount will go up with the number of people that will be staying in your house and the amount of time you are expecting to be locked up in it while you are waiting for the storm to end. Each person should have access to one gallon of water for their use per day. The last thing that you want is to run out of drinking water, so if it is looking like your water supply might not last, forego bathing until the storm is over.

The Need for Dependable Construction Workers

ZThere are many new trends that would be sweeping the construction industry for the coming year, yet one thing seems to stay the same. Talented work deficiency will keep on plaguing development organizations. The most normally said pattern for 2016 was the proceeded with impacts of the talented laborer deficiency. A noteworthy part of representatives who left the business amid the retreat stayed away forever, and organizations are as yet attempting to discover specialists at all levels to legitimately staff their groups. It is commonly known that the employees are the life and blood of a construction company.

Understanding the Need for Dependable Construction Workers

A construction company is only as good as its best worker after all, so if you wish to fulfill your calling and become a sought-after construction professional, now is the right time to do so. The mind-boggling, number one issue is access to talented work. Such a variety of individuals left the business or were laid off, and now there’s a genuine battle to locate the right individuals to staff the activities that are presently coming online. The work emergency is not another issue, and most specialists anticipate it will proceed with well into 2016 and past, as the ability deficiency will require various years to top off once more.

Z3Not just has the development business attempted to engage a more youthful, all the more mechanically canny workforce, however amid the financial downturn, numerous organizations selected not to get more youthful, more up to date-ability. Presently, that is making battles in order to fill that crevice in the workforce, which is combined with the need crosswise over businesses for organizations to supplant resigning people born after WW2. New workers are urgently needed in the construction industry, and many companies are vying for attention in order to get to the best workforce.

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